Blue Lemon Thai

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This Sativa dominant hybrid strain is a Toxic Blue x Lemon Thai.

“Lemon Thai was obtained from some folks out of Hawaii. Buds are candied with crystal, with a trademark citrus “lemon pledge” odour with a hint of peppermint. Very, very energetic high, it is the “clear mental surfing” variety for us, without a hint of paranoia (which cannot be said of the other two varieties in this pack). Chronic tokers can probably smoke this during the day and get things done, if not overdone. These buds are a favorite of many, as they are excellent positive-mood inducers.” -seedfinder

“Toxic Blue is the results of crossing a female Blue Kronic to a male Killian. Blue Kronic is a very stoney indica we produced by using a Bluemoonshine x Killa queen female for flavor and a G-13/Black widow x Firecracker male to bulk up the yields. The Killian father is my Killa queen crossed to a male NYCDiesel. Killian has a strong sativa dom stone with a sweet manderine/grapefruit flavor.
The resulting Toxic Blue is an excellent yielder with berry tasting buds and a strong balanced stone.”



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